Catoma Elementary School Uniform Information

Catoma Elementary School Uniform Information
Posted on 07/21/2017


  • Shirts are to be solid white, navy blue, or red in color with a collar. (No Light Blue)
  • All shirts must be two or three-button collar golf or polo style shirts. (No logo's)
  • Shirts must have short or long sleeves. (Sleeveless not allowed)
  • Shirts must be long enough so they can remain tucked.


  • Pants are to be solid khaki or navy blue in color.
  • Blue jeans are worn only on days permitted by administration!


  • Shorts, Skirts, and Capri's are to be solid khaki or navy blue in color.
  • The length of the shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than 2 inches above the bend in the back of the knee. Bottom of the attire must reach past finger tips when arms are down by your sides.


  • Belts are to be worn at ALL TIMES!
  • If clothing has belt loops, A BELT MUST BE WORN.
  • No large dangling earrings. Hoop earrings may be no larger than a dime.
  • No long chains, large colored beaded necklaces, and or bracelets permitted.


  • Hats, caps, headbands, sweatbands, bandanas, visors, and sunglasses are not allowed.


  • Jackets, sweaters, and pullovers of students' choice are permitted to be worn in the building, but must not be of such that causes attention or a disturbance within the learning environment. Coats are the student's choice to stay warm, but must be removed in the building.


  • Students must wear shoes that cover their feet. Athletic shoes are preferred. No bedroom slippers, Crocs, flip flops, or slides will be allowed.

* STUDENTS ARE TO BE IN UNIFORM EVERYDAY. NO GRAPICS OF ANY KIND ARE TO BE WORN ON ANY UNIFORM SHIRT, SWEATER, JACKET, PULLOVER, SWEAT SHIRT OR JEANS if worn on permitted days, as depicted by Administration! (No stitched brand names on uniform shirt, no designs on pants like beads or artwork, and any shirt or garment under the uniform shirt should be SOLID WHITE like turtlenecks, undershirts, and long-sleeve shirts)!

Please monitor your child before they leave for school so there is no question that the policy is followed.

The Principal will have the final decision on what is or is not acceptable in keeping with this dress code. The school administration has the right to review and change uniform policies to ensure student safety and compliance as needed throughout the school year. Be advised that if the policy is not followed your child may be sent home for not adhering to the uniform policy!

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